Individuals have started to use the phones in the earlier days to communicate with each other. However, in modern times, there have been so many innovative solutions that have been added to the phones that have transformed the way people use these devices. For instance, even before the advent of smart phones, there were clocks, timers, reminders, alarms, instant messaging, cameras, simple games, music player, radio station, etc., which were integrated into the mobile devices. With the ever pervasive smart phones entering into the industry, aptly leveraged by the various apps, it is easy for one to have the other complex solutions such as in the case of banking, thermometer, pedometer, heart rate checker, complex gaming, etc., delivered by the single device. Since the usage is higher, there has become a very sure need that persons carry their smart phones everywhere. These mini-computing devices are generally rigid and flat in nature. They also come in a rounded rectangular shape. Since the bodies are made of various bends and curves, it is not easy for these phones to suit the physical flexibility of the persons.

Why Flexible Or Washable

If the phones were flexible enough, there are lesser chances that they would break, even if they dropped from a certain height. They would also be able to be carried around comfortably. Researchers and mobile phone innovators have taken notice of the same and have been researching upon the various materials that would deliver the results in terms of the strength that these smarter phones require, while at the same time, enabling them to become aligned to the body of the individuals. Similarly, the users face another huge challenge. As days and months pass by where people would use their fingers or the stylus to operate, right from touch, tap to swipe around, the screens become dirty. So, when these are washable, then it is easy for one to make use of the wet cloth or other fabric to wipe off the dirt and remove the fingerprints as well. Moreover, the washable and wearable phones are ideal for going out on rainy days without worrying about the safety of the device.